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About Popular culture institutes

Try to humans through the ages to establish to establish a virtuous society and the life of luxury through the continuous quest to possess the means and tools to the framework of consciousness grand its issues that require him to Jesper Gore world of knowing him, and thus to control it and subjecting humanity to its needs Aalaijaah primarily, in the same time as deepen the culture of that efficiency work efficiency as well as the refinement of cultural demand and pay approximately what is wholesome and worthy of human beings to do.

From here, the culture will not be able to play its role in the current Arab life unless muster the skills and technical knowledge and mental and intellectual variety Anserb need to Vivmn ethical principles and spiritual, so that these principles be the sole guarantor agent man out of his humanity and masquerading as essential to his nature .

Under that Directorate of Culture in Damascus unremitting endeavor to provide all you would feed the cultural movement new elements contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge and increase their participation in private and in general national issues, national issues, working to promote cultural associations, clubs and gifted of painters, artists and poets and playwrights … and others, in addition to facilitating all avenues of popular culture among the masses so that everyone indulges in nation-building and human each according to his ability and capacity.

For all, so that you can Directorate of Culture in Damascus of the advancement of such important task to optimize the establishment of cultural centers in all parts of the capital, Damascus, in order to enable citizens to engage in the activities of these centers, including paving the way for the consolidation of good and authentic Arab heritage who once contributed to the knowledge of the creation of a European renaissance cherished, not to mention that it creates an opportunity for the world heritage shared by all nations of the earth as a whole by.
And Directorate of Culture in Damascus as it hopes to disseminate the culture take the highest causes of progress and knowledge, they do so by seeking to provide lectures, seminars and meetings and debates, as well as hosted by film screenings and television which adapted the theoretical and scientific in order to achieve the sought the Directorate of culture of the goals.

And this has caused these centers of popular culture institutes to be strong tributary embodies the spirit and culture Mzaimnha, through courses announced by these institutes and different terms of reference such as painting – sculpture – calligraphy – and foreign languages ​​and razor and others.