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Directorate of Culture – Departments and characterization
Court: He is a circle to record the official documents received from the various directorates of the administrative relationship relationship whether it be from the point of highest to lowest point, or vice versa
The Cabinet, which includes the incoming and outgoing mail, the following tasks:
A receives the reviewers and answer any query regarding administrative matters.
By providing them with the titles of scientific and cultural sites in the city of Damascus.
C distributing mail on the official authorities Her relationship after the signature of the Director of Culture.
D retains archive write their date of roses and hearts, as well as a copy of everything that is given to him or by him, so be it when needed.
And undertake self the following tasks:
1 Remember filing staff and follow up on all their transactions (installation appointment promotion of administrative leave for vacations unpaid maternity leave and health) leave.
2 follow-up decisions assigning teachers to teach in popular culture centers and fine arts and applied arts institutes.
3 Follow-up transactions and correspondence in other departments (Presidency of the Council of Ministers the Central Agency for Financial Supervision to maintain the ministry of public record for employees in the state).
4 follow-up maintenance work overtime decisions.
5 follow-up correspondence between all other departments (Presidency of the Council of Ministers to maintain the ministry).

Guidance is interested in cultural lectures, exhibitions and symposiums, and answer any query regarding cultural matters by the reviewers, and summed up his duties the following points:
1 implementation of the program of monthly lectures exhibitions films seminars Cinema children in all cultural centers in Damascus.
2 receiver exhibitions requests; (served viewer demand patterns accompanied by five of his works, and there is a committee to choose the right exhibition composed of the Director and the heads of centers whose mission would be read together works of art submitted for distribution to cultural centers in all parts of the capital).
3 Follow-up printing call for lecturers and exhibitors cards.

Control and Licensing Department:
The mission of this department overseeing the offices of all the video and the (C D) in the city … and begin this supervision since obtained the necessary license to continue to work extremely; so is the work of supervision and licensing department in the following steps:
1 to grant necessary license to Astosmarmohl to sell the tapes and the (o de lei).
2 Ensure that all the tapes and the (o de lei) certified (ie, sealed with the seal of the Directorate of control over the movies).
3 and the confiscation of tapes (o de lei) is approved, tapes banned trading.
4 organize and adjust the offense and transferred to the Ministry of Culture / Monitoring Directorate, where the ministry issues a decision to seal and close the offending shop by the public prosecutor.

Department of Planning and Statistics:

These circuit the following tasks:
1 Financial Directorate plans and set schedules, and identify their needs and prepare forms for tracking the implementation of these financial plans in coordination with the concerned authorities (Damascus Governorate Presidency of the Council of Ministers …)
2 organize periodic statistical reports on the work of the Directorate, and do request from different studies (Plant workforce).
3 collection, preparation and coordination of the various statistics by the Directorate centers ancillary activities including the popular culture institutes.