Hopes Contemplative Cases

Hopes Contemplative Cases

Hopes”; Contemplative Cases

The Ministry of Culture- Directorate of Culture in Damascus held a gallery entitled “Hopes” for artists Hamza Spsob and Randa Spsob at the exhibition hall of the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummana.

 Mr. Tawfiq Al-Imamm, the Deputy Minister of Culture, opened the gallery and said in a statement that this gallery was part of the activities of the cultural scene in Syria, including cinematic, musical and technical events, seminars and lectures within the directives of the Minister of Culture.

 The gallery dealt with several topics which monitored Reflections of artist Hamza in life and adopted realism in most of his paintings. Hamza said that he wanted to send a message of appreciation to women and their position in life .He also addressed in his paintings silent nature themes with bright colors.

Safaa Mahfoud


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